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Kimora & Djimon Already Married?; Kimora Lee Is Ready For Baby Number 4

Kimora Lee, the ex-wife of Russell Simmons, is now excited about working on baby number four, with her “husband” by ceremony, actor Djimon Hounsou (45). Kimora Lee currently has three children; two daughters Aoki and Ming Lee, from her marriage to Russell Simmons, and a son named Kenzo Lee from her union with Djimon Hounsou.

[Photo Credit: Black Celeb Kids]

Kimora tells OK! Magazine that she wants another one, preferably a son. OK! Magazine also reveals the couple has been married since May.

When Kimora wed Djimon, 45, in May, she tied the knot with a man who is truly her other half.

“I’m blessed to be with someone who has similar parenting goals, family goals and ideals in mind,” she says. “We live very harmoniously now. I guess I’m blessed, and that’s why I’m so happy. Even when people talk about me, people say ‘she looks so happy, she looks so calm, she looks so relaxed, she looks so good, she looks like she’s in a great place in her life.’ I really believe that.”

And, in another interview when asked about having more children, Kimora Lee happily reveals:

We practice all the time, and it’s a lot of fun. I definitely can see myself having more. I know Djimon wants more. I would love to have another little boy. {Source}

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