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Jessica Simpson On Oprah: Talks John Mayer; Talks “Mom” Jeans

John Mayer in the now infamous Playboy interview reveals some interesting things about Jessica Simpson behind close doors. The interview was controversial for a number of reasons, but the attack on Jessica Simpson was very personal; comparing their sex life to crack cocaine, and calling her his “sexual napalm”.

Watch the video to see what she says about John Mayer. I don’t think she stands up for herself enough.

“It made me so sad and it was really discouraging, because that’s not the John that I knew,” she said. “I hope he gets his life together.”

Simpson said that while Mayer did apologize to her after the interview was published, she has yet to forgive him.

“I don’t accept it,” she said. “I don’t resent him, I’m just gonna let that go. That part of my life is over.” {Source}

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