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Jennifer Hudson Sets Wedding Date; Shaquille & Shaunie Divorce Almost Final

According to David Otunga, he and singer Jennifer Hudson have set a date and are ready to get married. Of course he doesn’t reveal the date, but at least he gives us some juicy details.

“We’ve picked a date, and Jennifer has chosen her dress, but she won’t tell me much about that, obviously.

As for the rings, the couple have their mind made up already. “We know who we want to design them — Neil Lane, he made our engagement rings,” says David. “And he’s a personal friend as well.”

And David, whose love of flashy clothes extends beyond the wrestling ring, already has a plan in mind for his suit: “I want my son and I to wear matching custom tuxedos!”

Is it possible that we’ll see some former American Idols at the reception? “It would be great if any of the former American Idols sang at the wedding. And it would be wonderful to have Jennifer sing — I’d love that.” But don’t expect David to belt out anything at the microphone, “I don’t sing!” he says, laughing. {Source}

Speaking of marriage, Shaquille & Shaunie O’Neal have finally reached a settlement. Their divorce is almost final according to TMZ:

As we first reported, Shaq and Shaunie pretty much settled the terms of their divorce, but it took two different states to end the marriage. A California judge was handling custody and visitation matters, while a Florida judge was handling spousal support, property division and the official dissolution of the marriage.

We learned last Monday a judgment was entered on custody and visitation issues, though the terms are confidential.

Sources tell us Shaq and Shaunie have agreed on all spousal support and property issues, and papers will be filed in Florida soon. But the case is over, except for the part where the Florida judge signs the marriage-kill document.

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