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Is Chris Brown Ready To Be A Step-Father? Dating A “Model” With A Son

Chris Brown is pictured with another “model” like girl, name Draya Michele, and the information was leaked on twitter of all places (suspect). I guess since Chris Brown was grounded from his twitter account, he now has his “girl” do the publicity work for him, along with leaked pictures. The thing is, this girl comes with a lot of baggage, including a past as a stripper; being linked to other artists in the industry; plus a 5-year old Son. I like Chris Brown, and I have continued to support him,  but I swear the women will be the death of him. Can you see Chris Brown as a step-daddy?

If you’re wondering why Chris Brown is dating Draya, just read her tweets, and peep her “modeling” photos: Move over Amber Rose, there may be another bad chick…

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