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India.Arie, Whitney Houston Had Enough Of Lady GaGa, Rihanna, & Beyonce

Whitney Houston in a recent interview talked about this growing trend of less talent, and more gimmick. Although she didn’t name any names, people believe her comments were directed at Lady GaGa. I think they’re aimed at Rihanna, too. You know something has to be ugly and dark for Whitney Houston to call it wrong: (In a side note, the rumors that Whitney is going to rehab are false says her lawyer.)

There are some extremely gifted and talented young women and young men out there who don’t have to really put on Halloween costumes just be themselves,” she gushed. “A little extravagance, a little flair, a little sexiness or a sultriness is cool, but some of them are very dark. … To me, it’s not becoming.

India.Arie is speaking out, and she is naming names. She was on twitter discussing the dark nature of the music video Telephone by Lady GaGa and Beyonce Knowles. India.Arie was not pleased with nudity in the video, and the dark nature:

Its not long before somebody does a straight NAKED video. Let’s be CLEAR! I know it gaga M.O. – I don’t live under a rock. And I get that a lot of work put into it. I’m talking social responsibility. There’s an artist ever 10 years who pushes the envelope … but its bout to fall off the Table. When is it too far?

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