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First Pics Of Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin With Newborn Son, Ezekiel

Tisha Campbell Martin, and husband Duane Martin have released pictures of the newest edition to their family, Baby Ezekiel Czar. The couple are the proud parents of two boys, their oldest son is Xen.

Xen is now eight years-old, and has been living with autism. In an interview with People Magazine, Tisha Campbell talks about her fears of possibly raising two boys inflicted with autism:

Her first child, Xen, 8, is autistic, and the fear of raising another kid with autism gave the actress an uncharacteristic feeling: “I was nervous and scared.” But she and husband Duane Martin’s fears were allayed when son Ezekiel Czar, whose name means “God’s strength,” arrived last September.

With the baby, now 6 months old, on her lap, the actress beams as she strokes his plump cheeks. “He’s a talker. He’s got such a sparkle in his eyes,” Tisha, 41, says of the baby, whom she calls Zeke. “This baby smiles a lot. The first time around, I didn’t get to see my child smile back at me.”

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