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Chris Brown Stans Mad At Breezy Gay Humor On UStream

Chris Brown made fans mad last night, so mad that I received two long letters detailing how devoted fans were upset that Chris Brown did not take any questions from them on Ustream last night, and they described his live feed as vulgar, degrading, and offensive to gays.

Apparently Polow Da Don, made some homophobic comments, and Chris Brown laughed instead of denouncing them. I’m not going to post the whole letter, but it’s certainly worth a read: (Rihanna is this you…lol)

Last night i and three friends, two chicks and one gay male friend were excited to see our favorite singer Chris Brown on Ustream. He had basically begged his fans to help him get to 100,000 followers on twitter and as a reward he would talk to us on Ustream.

Does sitting in front of a camera not acknowledging any question or statement any of the 50k + fans were asking seem fair? The live show that was no longer than 15 minutes was the most upsetting, disgusting thing i have ever witnessed.

We support you, we buy your albums, WE bought you that House, WE helped you rent those nice sport cars your seen in. Not only Chris but when will rude, selfish, arrogant celebrities realize that with out US they’re is NO YOU!!!

As a black young women i am offended!!!! Even after what happened with Rihanna we all (fans) worked hard to continue to support you and all we get the damn silent treatment. Thas all we get back??? The fact that you went and read to a few third graders in Brooklyn wont save your career.

You boldly ignored us and the fact of the matter is the majority of your remaining fans are GAY. You just LOST that. So forget about releasing that as you put it “gay friendly Club Song”. IN  a year in a half you lost most of your followers, tons of support from the urban community and BLACK WOMEN! But you want us to sit and buy your album??????? Really?

[From an ex-fan Shannon in Atlanta]

That was just an excerpts from the first letter, keep reading to see what other Chris Brown fans had to say:

Now maybe its just me but I find it extremely hypocritical for him to be basically begging fans to support him because radio stations weren’t playing his music. As a fan I took time out of my day to actually find phone numbers and email addresses of radio station. I wrote emails and even called theses stations begging them to play crises music. And after watching this video I felt like someone just smacked me across my face and said screw you.

At about 12mins ad 50 seconds the music producer polo the don made a remark that I felt was extremely disrespectful, inappropriate, and lude. The statement was basically on the lines of ” anybody want to see some dick, but not you gay ass niggas on the females.” Now as a openly gay male I’m extremely offended. But the fact the chris brown did nothing to defend his fans but laugh and turn his back on the camera hurts me to my heart. I know chris didn’t make this comment.

[From Beau Johnson in Atlanta]

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