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Chili & Jacque Reid Reality TV: Are Black Women Trying To Date God?

I have a theory since Jacque Reid and Chili are pushing 40’s and still can’t find a man to meet their standards, then perhaps they should date each other. I learned early in life in a seminar that the type of men you date or attract says a lot more about you than it does about them. If you attract men that are dogs perhaps it’s because you’re a dog house. Women who are looking for these impossible standards need to check their own baggage at the door, and figure out why they don’t have the man of their dreams. Sometimes it’s as easy as closing your legs, and sometimes it’s as easy as knowing your own weakness.

Check out this video for Chili’s new reality series, “What Chili Wants”. It’s almost upsetting to me, why women can’t find good men, when the good ones are standing right next to them:

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