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Again, Is Whitney Houston Back On Drugs?

Last time I asked the question is Whitney Houston back on drugs or never been off them people were upset with me. I also posted pictures of Whitney Houston looking suspect in South Korea, and I got this response from someone I presume is close to her camp:

Whitney is fine! She is in seoul, korea with her family around her i.e krissy, pat, her adopted son , personal asst and bodyguards. that flight was 10hrs, look at her face, it’s hydrated and whit has always been a bit extra and real. Candids never quite shows her well.Like she said, lets not judge each other for our flaws but judge for our triumphs. she has truly turned her life around and is a child of God. Trust and believe and continue to pray.

I agreed not to judge her, but the pictures are getting worst and not better. I’m just concerned! I don’t know how fatigue she is, but someone needs to get her some rest and soon. Rumors are circulating that she has passed out backstage, and her recent concert in Australia was a disaster. Fans literally walked out the concert early:

Some fans also complained that Houston sang off key and looked exhausted, with concert-goers even posting clips of her less-than-satisfactory performance on YouTube.

They claimed that she struggled through the concert, especially with the high notes, and was left breathless and exhausted after just two songs.

And they added that she took a 20 minute break to catch her breath mid-way through the show, got a towel to re-apply her make-up.

She even let her brother, Gary Houston,  sing in her absence before her backing singers then performed an energetic version of one of her biggest hits. {Source}

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