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Who Dat: Carmen Ortega Releases Video, Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian In Miami

On the heels of a historical game, Carmen Ortega who claims to have been in a relationship with Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, just released a video of herself giving a tour of Reggie Bush’s crib. In what can only be described as a psycho stalker moment, Carmen Ortega is trying to ruin his relationship with Kim Kardashian and his career. Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are suppose to get engage if Reggie wins the Superbowl, although Necole Bitchie is reporting that Reggie proposed to Kim on Friday night at Prime 112 in Miami. In a recent interview he proclaimed his love for Kimmy Cakes:

Going into a relationship, you know that it’s going to be part of it. I love her. We love each other. That’s what’s most important. We try not to focus on the negative. I don’t want to be stressed out at 24 years old.

Anyway, out of pure evil, the stripper known as Carmen Ortega, releases a video as proof of  her affair with Reggie Bush.  Anyone who would try to ruin a special moment like this can only be desperate and pathetic. So sorry Carmen, you’re about to become a repressed memory in Reggie Bush’s past. Go Saints!

Now Carmen Ortega is trying to do some damage control, but it’s too late her horns are already shining. The tape she released is six months old. Reggie Bush also reportedly hired bodyguards to protect Kim from stalkers during Superbowl weekend. Check out the body guard in the gallery below:

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