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Whitney Houston In South Korea; Fantasia Talks & Sings On Oprah

If you read this blog then you know I have been trying hard to seek Gabrielle Union’s advice, and uplift our black women, so for that reason, I won’t tell you what I’m really thinking when I see these pictures of Whitney Houston. I just hope whatever it is that I’m thinking, that it isn’t true. When I saw Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston, it almost brought me to tears. I’m not going to judge, I’ll just say a little prayer for her well being.

Whitney Houston in Incheon, South Korea at the start of her World Tour, Nothing But Love:

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with Fantasia’s reality show on VH1, Fantasia For Real, but if you have you would know that Fantasia supports her whole family, including her brother, Teeny, who wants to be famous, but doesn’t have a job or an education. Teeny just rides on the heels of his sister, Fantasia. Anyway, Fantasia hit up the Oprah Show to promote her new song, Even Angels, and to discuss her family crisis and love.

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