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Vivica A Fox In Airport With No Makeup; Lisa Raye Beef With Vivica Continues

Vivica A Fox was spotted in the airport with no make-up. You would think she looked like a demon from the comments going around, but truth of the matter is, she looks great with no make-up. I wish more stars would show us what they really look like.

Speaking of Vivica Fox, Lisa Raye sat down with Sandra Rose to discuss her beef with former BFF. Apparently, Lisa Raye is upset because Vivica Fox was running her mouth about some personal details regarding Lisa Raye’s marriage to the Premier of Turks & Caicos Michael Misick: (*side note* Lisa Raye sounds a little bit conceited)

When you’re friends with someone there’s stories that you share that I believe that you keep between the two of you no matter what happen. That’s your friend and you’re supposed to go down to the grave with those stories, and when you don’t, then go figure…

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