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Racial Tension At University California At San Diego: “Ungrateful N*ggers”; Plus Noose Found

Everyone was mad when John Mayer used the “n-words” in an interview with Playboy, but there’s little outraged on twitter for college students at UCSD who are using the n-word as a weapon to hurt campus minorities, along with two sightings of a noose; a symbol of lynching. Now is the time to get mad!

I don’t know if you have heard of the drama that is going on at University of San Diego, but students are in the middle of a racial warfare. Three separate incidents have occurred within a week that are just outrageous especially this day in time. I don’t know what is going on in the world today, but I personally think having a Black President has threaten the establishment or status quo.

Incident Number 1:

Called the “Compton Cookout,” attendees were urged to dress and act in a manner that school officials say perpetuated racist stereotypes. An invitation on Facebook urged female participants to dress as “ghetto chicks” and said chicken, watermelon and malt liquor would be served at the party.

Incident Number 2:

Student Campus TV Broadcast aired a program late Thursday night showing students calling those who stood up about the Compton Cookout party “Ungrateful Niggers.” According to the source, a note was also found on the TV studio floor that read “Compton lynching party.” That note was turned over to police.

Incident Number 3:

Last night, a noose was found hanging on a light in the campus library. A female student today admitted that she and two others were responsible for placing the noose there. Updates on twitter are saying that a second noose was found. {Source}

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