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Trina is yet another “victim” of the nude photo leaks. World Star Uncut has exclusive photos of the rapper and her then boyfriend Kenyon Martin in an intimate setting. Apparently, an anonymous person stole Trina’s cell phone, and is now requesting a $100,000 ransom or he will release even more pictures of Trina nude. That’s a high ransom, I’m sure Trina will just ride the publicity wave. That’s just sad and cruel!

Some of the pictures are just weird, and others show pictures of Trina with hives and not an STD, as reported or alleged. I can’t post the nude pictures, or sell Trina out like that because this is foul. It’s already out there, and you can go to World Star Uncut to see. It will be viral by night fall.

Somebody famous did this, that’s why they disguised their voice. Who could it be Lil Wayne, Young Buck, Soulja Boy, or Kenyon Martin?

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