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OMG! Lil Wayne Jail Time Postpone Due To Dental Work

After the going away party, and the beautiful words of to his fans, Lil Wayne who was suppose to face sentencing today in a gun charge, just learned his fate was postponed until March 2nd. Why? Because of some much needed dental work.

According to Lil Wayne’s lawyer, the rapper is in dire need of oral surgeries, and the only reason he hasn’t had those sugeries is because his dentist was out of town doing charity work.

Defense lawyer Stacey Richman said Lil Wayne was headed home to Miami for dental work Friday. She declined to provide any further information about the nature of his tooth ailments.

“It is a medical situation that, like (it would for) any of us, has to be addressed,” she said outside court. She said the rapper had planned to take care of it before Tuesday, but his dentist had been out of the country doing charitable work. {Source}

(So all those good-byes were in vain)

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