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Video Monica ‘Danger’ Leon: Tells Poprah She’s Not Black, Ray J Is Bi-Sexual; Danger V. Poprah

You have to watch this video of Monica “Danger” Leon (For the Love of Ray J)being interviewed by Poprah (I Want To Work For Diddy). This video is hilarious, not because Poprah goes in on Danger, but because Danger shows us that she’s either delusional or insane.

In the interview, Danger reveals she’s not black or African American because she’s creole. Then she goes on to say that she has a doctorate degree from Harvard, before revealing that Ray-J sleeps with men; a rumor she started a few weeks back, but recanted when Brandy went in on her.

Poprah finally got so mad with Danger for stuntin for the cameras, that she threatened to beat Danger. You have to see this video because it’s better than reality TV.

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