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Matthew ‘Papa’ Knowles Is This Your Son? Alexsandra Wright Claims It Is

TMZ has obtained a photo of Matthew Knowles and his alleged “love child” with mistress Alexsandra Wright. There’s is not DNA test, yet, but Miss Wright is so certain it’s Matthew Knowles that she released pictures. I hope this other woman realize he does have a wife (soon to be ex) and kids. I don’t know if I can trust her motives, or maybe she’s just a woman fighting for her rights and her child. Does he look like Papa Knowles?

Alexsandra Wright — who claims she had an 18 month affair with Knowles — filed a paternity suit against him back in October and gave birth on February 4. Wright’s lawyers are in court today, trying to get Knowles to pony up child support — so far, sources say, he hasn’t paid a cent.

For his part, Mathew has skirted the issue, telling TMZ, “We are not aware of the birth of a child. Mr. Knowles has never had a DNA test. These rumors are untrue.” {Source}

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