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Kelly Rowland Wins Grammy For “When Love Takes Over”

I guess Kelly Rowland has to do her own publicity. If she had not released the statement below regarding her Grammy win, I don’t think too many people would have noticed. Especially since Beyonce broke a Grammy record for winning six Grammys in one night. Now I think I understand why Solange Knowles decided to go in on twitter regarding Beyonce record breaking night, if you leave it to the mainstream media, you will get snubbed.

Anyway check out what Kelly Rowland had to say about her Grammy win, and why she wasn’t there to support Beyonce. Then check out Solange Knowles defending both her big sister’s success as well as Kelly Rowland’s.

Well, Well, Well, what a weekend it was guys!! Very exciting and BUSY of course! I was recording til late on Saturday and slept late on Sunday(day of Grammy’s) and I woke up to find out that David and I got a Grammy for “When Love Takes Over”!!!

How psyched am I to get another Grammy! I never take those moments for granted, but trust me there are SO many people to thank for making it such a success. David, his management  and all of  his amazing team.

My team: Nikki, Jeff Rabhan, Joshua Klein and everyone at Monarch, Above and Beyond Ent, EMI (ALL territories)for working OVERTIME to make sure it was a worldwide success! ALL the radio stations that TRULY believed in the record!  I always save the best for last and that is the fans! The BEST fans in the WORLD! Thank you guys for being so open with me trying something new and loving it the way I love it!

All I have to say is what a mighty God we serve! Have faith people; believe, do and get it done! Whatever it may be you want to accomplish….You can! AMEN!!!! Let’s get some more Grammy’s next year!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!

Xoxo K.R. {Source}

Solange Knowles took to twitter to Kanye West style, trying to figure out why Taylor Swift was the night’s big winner, when Beyonce broke a record. (At least I think it was about Taylor Swift):

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