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Yesterday, people were emotional over the remarks John Mayer made in a Playboy Interview. Today, he’s the emotional one, because he has to apologize for his word choices to the people closest to him who happen to be black.  I saw this video at Miss Jia and just had to link it. I believe the only reason his back-up dancers supports him, other than a paycheck, is that they know he’s not racist. His words were offensive, but not because he was trying to hurt a group of people, as much he was trying to look cool. Like everyone says, he #fail miserably.

I defended his choice to use the “n-word” because in my opinion, it’s all or nothing. Either we use it or we don’t. My vote is to not use it, and I stopped 8 years ago. I feel if everyone stops, then there won’t be any confusion on who can and can’t say it. I also thought John Mayer was explaining the ridiculousness of the idea that a white person can pass as a black person because of two words: “hood pass”.  As he ironically demonstrated, there is no such thing as a “hood pass”, and if there is John Mayer just had his card declined.

But what many people overlooked was the blatant sexism in his interview. I’m sad that the “n-word” got more play than what he said about both Kerry Washington and Jessica Simpson as women. He made it quite personal with these two women, as he called them out by name and gender. It just goes to show sexism is perfectly acceptable in the black community and in society as a whole.

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