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Celebrity Fit Club: Kevine Federline Thought Fat Tabloid Picture Was Altered

Kevin Federline and ex-girlfriend/baby mama, Shar Jackson will be appearing on Celebrity Fit Club together. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, K-fed blames his wait gain on the stress of his highly publicized divorce from pop singer, Brittney Spears, and his old age. The blogs nick-named him K-fat after a tabloid picture surfaced showing how much weight he had gained. (Don’t forget Bobby Brown will also be on the show, too)

“I went through a lot of things and I definitely say that those things contributed to me gaining weight for sure,” says Federline, referring to all the media scrutiny he underwent as a result of his much-publicized split from ex-wife Britney Spears.

“When I saw this picture, I did not think that I was that big,” he said. “I thought it was Photoshopped. You know? And, then I realized that I was just letting myself go.”

“There is a little bit of stuff you will hear between me and Shar,” he says, “but, I mean, I really went there focused on my weight and my health for the sake of me and my family.”

I also noticed that people were shocked by how much weight Shar Jackson gained on the show. In real life Shar Jackson only gained 30 pounds. Certainly a lot of weight for her frame, but not enough for the obese comments I read on twitter. Then it hit me that they are confusing Shar Jackson with Tanisha Thomas of the Bad Girls Club, who is also appearing on this season of Celebrity Fit Club.

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