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All-Star Weekend Exclusives: Diddy, Josh Howard, Terrell Owens, Floyd Mayweather, Kenyon Martin, NBA Ballers

I’m too old to kick it with you young folk, so I stayed behind the scenes. DSA Media gave us all exclusive VIP access to some of the hottest parties in Dallas for All Star Weekend. I must say the public really came out to party. I learned how to do the Dirty Dallas Flex, and Chalie Boy, I Look Good is still stuck in my head. The week-end got off to a rocky start, but ended with a bang. I’m sad the West lost, but it didn’t stop us from partying like we won.

My photographer, Howard Mills, caught some of the action for you. If you were at Beamers, aLoft, Sting, or the Palladium we probably got a picture of you if you were in VIP.

Diddy got the party started Friday Night at the Palladium. The Ciroc girls and boys were definitely in the building, 8,000 strong. Thanks to Marquis Washington for the shot.

Diddy again on Saturday Night at Sting Ultra Lounge. I took these with my personal camera.

My photographer, Howard Mills,  took these pictures of Diddy at Sting. The crowd was so crazy and the VIP room was so small. Some of these people paid $400 just to party with Diddy.

Also in attendance was Josh Howard, Comedian Luenell and Floyd Mayweather. I didn’t realize Floyd was so tiny, I’m glad he can fight because he is real little.

Sunday Night, back at the Palladium with Terrell Owens & Josh Howard. The energy was off the hook, and it was packed, again.  I could not be famous and just party, party, party all night every night. This is day four!

Ay Bay Bay was on the ones and twos. Kenyon Martin and his NBA friends were there as well. Now that Trina has moved on, Kenyon Martin can go back to old habits. Check out pics of Kenyon Martin, Darren McFadden (NFL Oakland Raiders), Rashard McCants, James Singleton, and Bennet Davis.

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