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All-Star Weekend Exclusive Behind The Scenes: The People & The Fashion

My All-Star Weekend was one of mixed emotions, it was interesting and fun all at the same time. I appreciated getting to meet so many people, and y’all really came out to support Dallas in the snow and all (some of you must have forgotten your coats while packing). Every party was filled to the rim like a sweat box. Beamers, The Loft, Palladium, and Sting Ultra Lounge just to name a few were off the chain. The fashion was my favorite, except for the girl with the leotard on, but most of you tried to put Rihanna to shame when it came to your style and fashion. I will post more pictures of the party-goers in a special gallery tomorrow.

Here are a few people and styles  that stood out:

Comedian Luenell wore this Michael Jackson beaded jacket. She certainly has her own style, and it really shows when you see her nails. I asked her to let me get a close up because they were definitely outrageous.

There was one girl, I just could not stop staring at. I have a new girl crush. She had feathers in her eye-lashes, and surprisingly it looked good.

This guy wanted me to call him Mr. It.  I saw him two nights in a row, and he made me take three pictures of him, to make sure I get his best angle and his shoes.

Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. I know this brother probably emptied his 401K just to take pictures on the red carpet with stacks, but hey sometimes you just have to stunt.

Last, but not least, this sister spent more on her mani and pedi than she probably did on her outfit. She was coordinated from hand to toe, literally.

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