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Two events, and still no Beyonce and Kelly Rowland public reunion. We’ve seen a Michelle Williams and Beyonce union, and a Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland reunion, but as the clock keeps ticking down there is still no public sign that Kelly Rowland and Beyonce are on talking terms. During the Grammy Awards, Beyonce decided to hang out with Jay-Z, and Kelly Rowland decided to kick it with BFF Brandy. Once again, same city, same set of events, and yet, no time spend together.

So it’s safe to say, the issue at hand isn’t a Destiny’s Child issue, but a rift between Kelly Rowland and Beyonce. I know it’s none of my business, but it would be sad if the industry killed their relationship. On another note, Beyonce was spotted hanging out with Michelle Williams, again. This time to celebrate the launch of Beyonce’s new fragrance, Heat. Kelly must have had a previous engagement, to miss such an event, right?

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