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When A woman Brings Out The Best In You: Brad Pitt & Swizz Beatz

Perhaps I have been too hard on Brad Pitt and Swizz Beatz over their extra marital affairs, and leaving their marriages to pursue a relationship with their “soul mates”.  Although, I don’t like how the relationship started, I will say their is a noticeable change in both men, for the better. Brad Pitt donated $1 Million to Haiti relief fund, and we can’t forget the fact that he he moved to New Orleans to aid in the rebuilding efforts, after Hurricane Katrina. When I see Brad with Zahara and his other children, I get all teary-eyed…

Before his relationship with Alicia Keys, I’ve never really heard of Swizz Beatz being the first in the line to help with a crisis. In fact, there was little to no press regarding Swizz Beatz and his philanthropic work. Not saying that he didn’t do any (I heard he sells his painting for charity);  just saying it wasn’t publicized or as visible.

One of the unsung heroes behind the Haiti Telethon Collaboration of Jay-Z, Bono, Rihanna, and The Edge, was song writer/producer  Swizz Beatz; who created the song Stranded.

Now that he’s with Alicia Keys, perhaps we will see more of this side of him, as well as some his art work:

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