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Stretchmarks: Are You Confident Enough With Your Stretchmarks To Show Them In Public?

Freddy O has all the Atlanta news you need to know, and so while I was reading Elite’s statement to Keyshia Cole, I came across some interesting pictures from a Ludacris and Greg Street party at Club Crucial. The event was held to promote Ludacris new cut, How Low Can you Go. I found the answer to that question and it’s pretty low when it comes to personal standards.

I’m all for being young and having fun, dancing on bars tops, but when I can tell you have kids at home, I start drawing the line. In the pictures below, I see a mother putting her stretchmarks on display to win a How Low Can You Go contest. I’m shocked that a mother would do that, but I’m more shock that a person would put their stretchmarks voluntarily on display for a club full of people. More than 50% of women have stretch marks in one area or another, but how confident are you with putting your stretchmarks on display? Are you this confident???



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