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Model Vanessa Lopez hires lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her against Shaquille O’Neal. Lopez claims Shaquille O’Neal has been harassing her and she wants it to stop. Although Lopez hasn’t provided in specific details, she claims the harassment started back in September when she “thought” she was pregnant by O’Neal. (This woman is crazy!)

This is not her first run in with the law or a basketball player. This is just one of several accusations. Read details below:

Well, TMZ has found out that this Vanessa Lopez may in fact be the stalker, harassing Shaquille O’Neal. She has been linked to several basketball stars, including Kenyon Martin during the same time she claims she was with Shaq.

Back in 2006, Delonte West — then with the Boston Celtics — called security on Lopez, claiming she refused to leave his Orlando hotel room. Police were called to the room — where Lopez, according to the police report, then accused West of making unwanted sexual advances toward her. West acknowledged that he had slept with Lopez in the past — but claimed he never hit on her that night. West said Lopez tried to seduce him — but he rejected her because he had another woman coming over. Police ultimately removed Lopez from the premises.
Lopez’s run-in with Kenyon Martin went down in 2007 — when the NBA star’s business manager called police, claiming Lopez somehow got hold of Martin’s credit card. According to the police report, the manager claimed Lopez blew hundreds of dollars — minimum — without Martin’s permission.

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