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rush Limbaugh Says Don’t Give To Haiti; Pat Robertson Says Haitian Had Pact With Devil

Just when I thought the social leaders of the Conservatives, couldn’t sink any lower pretending that they represent true Christianity, I find out I was wrong. If you want to politicize an earthquake and the death of tens of thousands of  human lives, then know, you are truly showing your horns. This is not a political issue, it’s a common sense issue. Earthquake struck, people are hurt and dying, please help those that survived. Nothing political about it.

Rush Limbaugh seems to think that Obama is helping so that he can mend his relationship with light and dark skinned blacks. He also wants us to stop sending money to help Haiti. He also thinks there are enough churches helping and government should not intervene. Lastly, there’s nothing we can do for these people, Haitians and Africans, it’s up to them to stop being lazy.

It’s not over, Pat Robertson says God caused the earthquake because Haitians created a pack with the devil a long time ago. Now I don’t agree with Pat’s set of facts, but at least his conclusion was to help Haiti recover, unlike Limbaugh’s position which is do nothing.

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