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Misa Hylton-Brim On Diddy’s Baby Mamas, Sarah Chapman & Kim Porter, Plus Child Support

In a surprisingly revealing interview with Cherry Martinez of Power 105.1 in NYC, Misa Hylton-Brim reveals a lot about Diddy and all his baby mama drama. Misa Hylton-Brim who is lucky to be baby mama number 1, talks candidly about her child support payments, her relationship with Kim Porter, as well as feud between Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman. She also claims that Diddy has been messing with these women on and off for over 15 years, and compares their life to a polygamist marriage. (LOL! Diddy has his own Big Love series).

You can listen to the audio, or read some excerpts from the transcript below:

[Video Credit: Dime Wars]

If you can’t watch the video, just continue reading after the jump to read the juicy details in the transcript:

On here relationship with Diddy’s other baby mamas, Kim and Sarah:

Sarah is really sweet but Sarah and Kim don’t get along. I get along with everyone. With both of them. Kim and I go back for years now. We were friends at one point. I was like “you wanted him, you got him now baby“. So she’s gotta go through all the bs I had to go through back in the day.

Sarah has been around as long as Kim, alot of people don’t know that. Puffy was cheating on me with both of them. This is over 15-16 years ago so we’ve all been around a long time. I joke around sometimes and say “They are like my sister-wives.” I try to keep everything good and we want Kim to accept Chance but she’s not ready yet………but I accepted Christian.

On why gets do much in child support:

The money is relative to him. People say “oh it doesn’t take that much”, you don’t know how much tuition is. You don’t know what the lifestyle is everyday. Our children (Thank God!!!) are able to have different extracurricular activities, they have tutors, they have programs that they are in. They have to have security which is very expensive on a weekly basis. There are alot of things that people don’t take in consideration that this money goes to. We don’t sit and get a check and throw it up in the air and say “yea what am I going to do with this today”.
What wasn’t going to happen to me before I went to court, is because I’m not with you or sleeping with you, “Kim’s son is not going to get more than my son because of that”. That was some b*tchassness. Because if you could come and stay here and pop in and out when you wanted to then it wouldn’t be a problem. So you are not going to put me at a disadvantage because we are really broken up and I’ve moved on.

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