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Matt Kemp & Felisha Terrell Both Release Statements Regarding Restraining Order

UPDATE: Felisha Terrell has back tracked her statement and now accuses Matt Kemp of lying about the the events that lead to the restraining order: [Click here to see the actual restraining order]

The temporary restraining order was granted because of an actual and real threat. The matter was quietly resolved until Mr. Kemp’s agent began making false public statements.  My hope is that Ms. Terrell tells her story, because it is a compelling tale of betrayal, abuse and survival.

A reader name “Cammie” updated us on the Matt Kemp abuse allegations. It seems both Matt Kemp and ex-girlfriend Felisha Terrell released statements to clarify the allegations of abuse. If you haven’t heard about the restraining order Matt Kemp’s ex filed against him you can read it here.

In the Star Magazine article they never alleged physical abuse, but those rumors are out there, so to clarify, the restraining order had nothing to do with physical contact:

I hope the following statement we are releasing on Matt’s behalf helps to provide some insight:

Matt dated Felisha about two years ago and decided to end their relationship.  She chose to file a complaint and shortly thereafter, on her own accord, decided to drop it…. She has very recently said that she has no issue whatsoever with Matt and that she and Matt consider this to be a non-issue. Matt Kemp is a consummate Midwestern gentleman who has never displayed any act of violence towards a woman.

Here’s the statement from Felisha’s camp:

Felisha Terrell and Matt Kemp lived together and were in a relationship for over a year where they both cared for one another. During the course of the relationship there was a restraining order filed by Felisha but it had nothing to do with domestic violence and to be clear Matt was never physically abusive to Felisha, nor did she fear for her life. The restraining order was subsequently vacated. They both have moved on separately but remain amicable. {Source}

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