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I couldn’t figure out why Lisa Raye took a dig at Vivica A. Fox regarding her cougar status with club promoter Slimm. I understand Lisa Raye is bitter that her marriage to a cheating man didn’t work out, but I’m not sure why she’s trying to drag everyone into her divorce. So what would lead Lisa Raye to make the following comments about Vivica A Fox:

Naw, no! Uh uh, I can’t say that ’cause I’m too grown for that! I ain’t no Vivica either, honey. I ain’t with the Cougar sh*t! You know my reputation. You were damn right the first time you saw me at Akon’s birthday party, you were like, ‘how does she do it? She sniffs out money.’ You damn right ’cause I would not be a Cougar. She’s not a gold digger and she ain’t gon’ be with a broke ni**a!

Here’s my thing, you would never catch me like that. You know what I mean? Because that ain’t my style. I mean, like the pictures that they did of Vivica kissing and hugging on that boy. You would never catch me doing that.

Really, well according to Sandra Rose, Lisa Raye has been caught doing that, and here are the pictures to prove it. Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me; perhaps a missed opportunity to get a cub.




[Photo Credit: Prince Williams]

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