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Keyshia Cole’s Sister Elite (Who) Wants To Speak; Fantasia’s Brother Teeny Needs A Job

WARNING: This post will probably make you mad…How much is too much when it comes to family???

I know people hate when you talk about their family, but enough is enough already. I’m not sure why Keyshia Cole’s sister Elite, needed to speak out when no one outside of her family knows who she is. But, she has a lot to say about Keyshia Cole, who hasn’t said much publicly about Elite. (I posted her statement below in case you just want to skip to it). Any person that brings your star down so that their star can rise, is not family. This guilt trip about family sticking together, is what the ones destroying the family with their destructive behavior use, to guilt you out your serenity and out your money…

Don’t let me get started on Fantasia’s little brother Teeny. I know by now, you’ve seen or heard about her reality. Surprisingly, Fantasia is not the star of the show, it’s her little brother Teeny, who doesn’t have a job or an education but wants to buy a Ferarri. Fantasia supports her brother financially because he manipulates Fantasia into taking care of him. Just sad!

Now back to Keyshia Cole’s sister, Elite.  Here is what she wants you to know (via *Yawns* Not sure why she’s upset or what she’s saying exactly. I think she’s just mad her name was mention in Keyshia Cole’s statement. Also “continue reading” to see the dysfunction that is Fantasia’s brother:

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