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Their is a huge natural disaster taking place in Haiti, and missing from the telethon action and charity work, is Kanye West and Chris Brown. The two have been spending some time in Paris enjoying Fashion Week, while here in the states everyone is trying to get camera time to promote how they will help Haiti.

Rumors are circulating that Kanye West has been ex-communicated from the awards show for his outburst, both at the MTV Awards with Taylor Swift, and the Katrina telethon, where he famously announced, “George Bush don’t like black people.” Amy Grindhouse has the real scoop.

Kanye and girlfriend, Amber Rose, are in Paris now trying to draw attention from PETA:



Poor Chris Brown, who is the only cat in Hollywood that doesn’t get away with domestic violence, although he’s the youngest, is shut out of the media; while ex-girlfriend is singing Redemption Song in feathers for Oprah. Perhaps the public is not outraged by the crime, but the fact that the victim was equally famous.

Chris Brown is going to stay ousted if he don’t stop making bad decisions. This picture right here demonstrates what I mean:



[Photo Credit: U Chris]

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