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Is There A Kelly Rowland & Beyonce Beef – 2010 NRJ Music Awards

NRJ_Music_Awards_Kelly_Rowland_Red_Carpet2There have been rumors circulating about Beyonce and Kelly Rowland’s estranged relationship. With Kelly spending a lot of her time in Europe and Beyonce newly married, the two women haven’t been seen together in quite some time. Although both women attended the NRJ Music Awards, they didn’t seem to cross paths. Beyonce decided not to walk the red carpet, therefore providing no photo-op of the two ladies to dispel rumors.

To make matters worst, in the video below, Beyonce wins Greatest Artist of the Decade, and did not thank Kelly Rowland or Destiny’s Child. Perhaps by accident, perhaps not! After all she didn’t mention any family members by name.

If you ask me, that was a great PR move, now if anybody asks why didn’t Beyonce mention Kelly who was also at the event,  she can simply say I didn’t mention anyone. I don’t know, but come Monday if a pciture doesn’t surface of the two of them together, the you know what is going to hit the fan.

What do you think, are Kelly and Beyonce still BFFs???

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