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Last night the Help for Haiti Telethon aired on multiple networks. The program was a soulful spiritual night of sorrow and mourning, ending with Wyclef Jean and his uplifting message of hope for a new Haiti. The thing I was most proud of, is that musicians weren’t afraid to put their faith on their sleeves, and let the world know that they believe in a higher power that can save and heal the dispossessed. So often the Hollywood is painted as God-less liberals, but last night you can see that liberals do believe, and God was sending a message to us through their voices.  So here are the songs that touched me the most, and that opened my highs to the generosity of human spirit:

[Jennifer Hudson performs Let It Be by the Beattles]

[Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris performs Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen]

[Madonna performs Just Like A Prayer]

The next two videos I liked the most, because they were uplifting, and offered some semse of hope. I’m glad the everyone performed, but for the most part there was a strong persistent sadness. So when Jay-Z and Wyclef offered a new message of happiness and redemption from the earthquake, it really moved me. Yes, Jay-Z showed his faith in the words of this song, and it had nothing to do with the New World Order. Lastly, Rihanna did a great job, and I was proud of her– something I haven’t sad lately:

[Jay-Z, Bono, & Rihanna preforms Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)]

[Wyclef Jean performs Rivers of Baylon; the 2:15 mark is where he breaks it down]

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