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Gabrielle Union Reveals Intimate Details About Her Insecurities As A Dark Skin Woman

hollyrod_designcare_gabrielle_union3This is the realest I’ve seen Gabby in a minute, so I will definitely giver her some props. For some reason I like this interview and I’m not going to question the timing, but deal with the actual content. In a recent exclusive with Global Grind, Gabrielle Union opens up about some insecurities she felt about being a woman of color, and particularly a dark skin woman, growing up in a predominately white school. Perhaps this will explain why she’s so sensitive to the negative press instead of embracing the enormous amount of positive press given to her:

My hair isn’t straight enough. My nose isn’t pointy enough. My lips are too big (wait, she doesn’t have big lips *side-eye*) . My boobs aren’t big enough. And you start going through all of that. And I realize as I’ve gotten older a lot of issues that I was dealing with at 15, I am still dealing with today.

In the business that I am in now, it is incredibly tough, and to be honest, sometimes it is is hard to keep my head above the water, sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. I’m just really fortunate to have people, friends I can call on at any hour. You don’t get a job, and you immediately want to blame it on, if my hair was different, or maybe if my nose…or they just want to go with light-skin girls, and you start to doubt yourself, and the self-doubts and the low self-esteem starts to creep in.

here’s something about a platonic, non-sexual male voice in your life, ideally your parent, your father, relative or brother, which should be a steady, consistent source of nothing but positivity. And having this friend inspired me to reach out to my own dad and tell him that he’s got to tell my niece everyday that she is a beautiful princess.

You don’t want people to know that I have this fear a light-skinned woman walking into the room, ya’ know, you don’t want people to know that, so you take that your grave. So, I write this to let you all know that I’m still in it, but it’s getting better and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And when a young person has a mentor, it only makes the light seem that much more real. {Read more}

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