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Fantasia’s New Married Man, Antwun Cook; Plus Her Mysterious Tattoo

So here’s what everyone is talking about. Fantasia who has previously been linked to Antwaun Cook, a married real estate agent, who she met in a cell phone store, was spotted with her new married man in Barbados. The drama unfolds because Fantasia, like most celebs when they get caught, called the blogs liars and said she wasn’t dating this guy, and she doesn’t have a tattoo of his name on her shoulder. Once again, the blogs aren’t the ones lying, Fantasia is in Barbados with her new married friend, Antwaun Cook, who pulled a Kevin Federline, and left his family to be with the American Idol winner.  The sad thing is, Fantasia’s been caught and now she is going through great lengths to cover a tattoo that we’ve already seen.  SMH! I forgot she has reality show to promote.

Here is what Fantasia had to say when the story was first broke, and I quote:

He was hot, but I think I’m looking for my own man. There’s no boo in my life, I’m married to my career. Right now I’m not really focused on a boyfriend; we all know what happens when you get them… I have no tattoo on my shoulder, [that rumor] was very well put together! I wear my body out more purposefully now and when I’m walking I see people checking, “Like does she have a tattoo there?” As a matter of fact, I’ve never even [met him] before. I think I’d want to be with a guy who’s in the same tax bracket as I am … or higher!


[Photo Credit: The YBF]


She doesn’t even know him, yet, she’s a vacation with him. Oh Wait! She doesn’t have a tattoo on her shoulder, huh? What happened to “no comment” or “I don’t speak on my private life”.  All these celebs getting caught in lies and blaming the tabloids is getting ridiculous.



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