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Chris Brown & T.I. Star In New Movie, ‘Takers’; Featuring Idris Alba & Michael Ealy

WoooHa has the first pictures of  T.I. and Chris Brown from their new action pack thriller,  entitled Takers. The movie if nothing else is sure to be eye-candy for the ladies, just look at the official movie poster: Idris Alba, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, and T.I. This action pact crime thriller features a group of criminals trying to pull off a $20 million bank heist. The film, once titled, Bone Deep has been completed for some time, but due to trouble with two of its stars, the film is now set to be released later this year. (Idria Alba, you have to watch the trailer after the jump, just to see Idris Alba)

Speaking of Chris Brown, click here to see his new girl of the week, her name is Jessica Marquez and she’s a “model”. The two were spotted canoodling in the club in Florida . It seems Chris Brown is running through women, and enjoying being single, while Rihanna has started a mini-marriage to Matt Kemp of L.A. Dodgers.

Anyway, check out some newly released scenes from the film, Takers, and watch the trailer below:




Watch the official movie trailer after the jump, just click “continue reading” …


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