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Chris Brown & Kanye West Pictured Together At Fashion Week

After the Rihanna assault, I thought I would never see this day. I don’t know how it’s possible that Kelly Rowland and Beyonce are at the same event, and can’t take a picture together, but Chris Brown and Kanye West are just kicking it together during Fashion Week in Paris. Everyone is in France right now Kanye, Amber, Chris, and Rihanna.  (I hope Kanye West is not trying to set up a secret rendez-vous between Rihanna and Chris Brown). Let me stop because we all know Chris Brown’s judge reads blogs.



I also another interesting thing, here is a picture of Chris Brown front and center on the runway. Look at the picture closely. Does Chris Brown know that man has his arm around him? Perhaps that’s why Chris Brown decided to lean forward. Akward!


In case you couldn’t see it, I blew it up for you…{Source}


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