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“10-20” Movie Trailer; Exclusive Sneek Peak For MrsGrapevine.com Readers

Winner of HBO’s Best Feature Film at the 2009 Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, “10-20” (pronounced ten to twenty) is an extraordinary film from new comer, Terrisha Kearse. Emotional and powerful, the film derives its name from a law in Florida that gives first time offenders of unlawful possession of firearms a guaranteed minimum of ten years, plus a  guaranteed life sentence if there’s an intent to shoot, or a perceived threat. We are always talking about real black films, and here’s an exclusive look at one of the best films premiering this year.

When asked why she was compelled to make this film, Terrisha Kearse, replied that it was inspired by true life events from her past:

I want 10-20 to open some young peoples’ eyes to the laws in Florida. Many are committing crimes without realizing this law exists and the consequences of this law aren’t known to them.


If you like this movie, also check out my exclusive interview with of the films stars, J Kristopher.

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