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Zoe Kravitz, With Mom Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa; Sanaa Lathan On Celebrity Privacy

Celebs are always talking about the tabloids and the media invading their privacy, but somehow there are many celebs that manage to keep their distance from the media. They have the ability to just disappear off the radar, and reappear when it suits them. Lisa Bonet and husband Jason Momoa, plus daughter Zoe Kravitz are those type of celebrities. Here are some candids of the family shopping. Say what you will about them, but I admire their uniqueness, perhaps that’s what keeps them grounded, or elevated, but probably more normal than most celebs in Hollywood.



Speaking of privacy. Sanaa Lathan has an interview with UK’s Soul Culture, where she discusses black celebrity privacy and the mainstream tabloids. She suggests there’s a double standard when it somes to blacks in the tabloid. On one hand mainstream tabloids don’t publicize black artists, which means less media attention, but on the other hand it also means more privacy from the media.

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