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Jodeci (K-Ci) At Blast From The Past Concert In Atlanta; Plus Devante Swing

I hope all these young cats are learning why it’s so important to just say no. According Miss Jia, K-Ci and Jo-Jo headlined The Blast from the Past concert in Atlanta. The concert started off right, and K-Ci walked on the stage looking sober and nicely dressed. But at some point in the concert he decided he was still a “sex symbol”, and began to undress. It just went down hill from there. The first thing I noticed is that K-Ci pants were rolled. LMBO! That’s what I do to my two year old when his pants are too big; I roll them up from the waist. A grown man with rolled pants is just too funny to me. However, I would have loved to been at that concert, and thanks to Exclusive Access we got pics.


[Before: Everything started off nice and smooth]


[After: K-Ci gives it to them rough]


Speaking of rough, I received these pictures of Devante Swing about a week ago, and decided now was the perfect time to post them.


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