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Is Whitney Back On Drugs? Did Teddy Riley Beat His Daughters?

whitney-houston-gma-concert-3The Nataional Enquirer is starting some mess by suggesting that Whitney Houston’s “friends” are concerned about her recent “erratic behavior” (not sure what type of friends would talk to tabloids).

Well I want them to leave Whitney along before they drive her to drinking, or worst. Is it too soon for the National Enquirer to print anonymous statements about Whitney Houston when she’s battling an addiction, or do you think there may be some truth to this story?

Everyone is worried about her,” revealed a source. “Whitney seems to go from being a nervous wreck to being completely out of it in a short period of time – just like she did when she was freebasing and using crack cocaine. She is still drinking and with Whitney, alcohol and drugs have always gone hand-in-hand. She’s worked so hard to get back on top. It would be tragic for it to go up in smoke because she can’t stay clean.

Now, under pressure to continue her comeback, Whitney appears tense and overanxious, said the source, adding: “You can’t help worrying that she’s slipped back into some of her bad habits.”

TMZ broke the news that Teddy Riley has a restraining order against him from his daughter, Taja Riley who he allegedly beat with a video game guitar for being disrecpectful. I don’t know why I said alledgely, because Teddy Riley admitted  beating his daughter via twitter, and he said he would do it again if his daughters kept acting out of line. (Just had a flash back to my mama’s belt).

Teddy Riley — a singer from the R&B group Blackstreet — is accused of using a guitar from the video game Rock Band in a violent attack on his daughters.

Teddy’s 18-year-old daughter Taja Riley was granted a temporary restraining order against her dad — claiming 43-year-old Teddy abused her and her older sister by “stomping, punching and bashing them” in his L.A. home on December 23.

In the documents, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Taja claims at one point Teddy, “lifted a Rock Band guitar and threatened to kill person(s) w/ it.” Taja claims she suffered several injuries in the alleged altercation — including “bashes to temple, contusion on face” and “pain in knee.”


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