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Chris Brown Graffiti Debuts At #7 On Charts; Sold 102,489 Copies In Firsrt Week

OFFICIAL: The rankings are in and Chris Brown album comes in at #7, and not #6 as Hits Daily Double predicted. Chris Brown was able to sell over 100,000 units, and met album projections.

UNOFFICIAL: I don’t know if Graffiti is a flop or not. Compared to his last album that sold 295,000 units in it’s first week; it’s certainly a sharp decline. But take into consideration that he is officially “The Worst Person in the World of 2009″ next to Tiger Woods, sales are not so bad. He was shut-out the awards shows, he wasn’t allowed to perform live to promote the album, many stations boycotted his music, and he had several meltdowns on twitter. I’m actually surprised he made the projection mark of 95,000 – 110,000 units.

Yes, in conventional terms Graffiti was a flop, but once placed in perspective there are at least 100K who remain loyal fans.  Only time will tell if this album will continue to move along the charts, but unless he is the loser of a reality show in the UK (Susan Boyle), future sales don’t look promising. Rihanna album sales dropped from #4 to #28 (Ouch).  Chris Brown will probably trend the same.



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