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I knw you have seen the pictures of Sammy Sosa, and all I can do is SMH! Bloggers have the reputation for being mean, but let me explain why. We are opinionated people that you know in your everyday lives, and our platform to express ourselves are our blogs. We say what many people are thinking, and right now I’m thinking, not another Michael Jackson. I mean seriously if Sammy was going to bleach his skin he could have at least done it gradually one shade at a time. But he went from dark to Brad Pitt, in the blink of eye. Bloggers are tired of the “bs” that is celebrity, that’s why we’re so mean. How can you see something like this, and not say word, or have an opinion?


I know I’m late, but I just could not give up the opportunity to express my concern. To read more and to hear what other bloggers have to say check out my girl Miss Jia.

In a recent interview with Spanish TV Univision, Sosa explains that he was not trying to look white, or follow in Michael Jackson’s footsteps: (Really!?!)

Sammy Sosa says he wasn’t trying to look white like Mike.

The ex-Cubs slugger said a European skin cream he uses at bedtime combined with a strong camera flash caused his face to appear ghost white in a recent headline-grabbing photo from Las Vegas — and he “respected” Michael Jackson too much to try to match his appearance.

I’m doing well, doing well, thanks to God. A little surprised by the tsunami of attention,” Sosa told a reporter for Spanish TV network Univision, the New York Daily News reports.

“I use a cream to keep my skin smooth and soft,” he said without naming the product. “I apply it before I go to bed. When I was playing for Chicago all those years, I was in the sun a lot for one o’clock games.”

Sosa said he’s such a fan of the mystery cream, in fact, that he’s in negotiations with its maker to go to bat as a company pitchman. [Source]

When Sosa’s ghostly photo from the Latin Grammys first appeared, speculation centered on whether his lighter appearance was the result of vitiligo, a skin-whitening condition that Michael Jackson said he suffered from.

Sosa denied he was trying to emulate the late King of Pop.

“Not at all, I respect him very much,” he said.  “I’m not a racist. I’m not like that. I’m just a happy person.”

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