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Update: Tiger Woods Warrant May Be Next; Tiger Defends Wife

Keep checking this post for the latest in the Tiger Woods crash-gate.

UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that sources tell them, there was no blood found in the vehicle whatsoever. Not one drop of blood found in the SUV that Tiger was driving. Despite his wife smashing the window with a golf club, and dragging him out the car. (She probably tried to run over him with the truck, and just barely missed him, and crashed the car into the tree. It sounds like Tiger was never in the car. All accounts have Tiger Woods outside the car at all times. However, no one is sure where Elin was during this time, or where she got the golf club. This just gets more and more suspect.)

UPDATE: Witnesses say Tiger Woods was not wearing shoes when he entered the hospital, and that his lip was bloody. Elin, his wife told police Tiger Woods had taken prescription drugs and handed them two medicine bottles. Cops also had a hard time keeping Tiger Woods conscious. (Unless he was swerving to miss a deer, there are only two explanations for Tiger Woods accident, anger from domestic dispute or drugs.)

UPDATE: Tiger’s wife gave two different accounts of the accident. First she said she was driving in a golf cart, saw the accident and grabbed a club from the cart at 2:25 in the morning. In the second report, she claims she ran back into the house to get a golf club after she discovered the accident. (I don’t know what is true and what is not, but I do know something shady and illegal went down.)

UPDATE: Now, there is another kicker. TMZ is reporting that Tiger Woods’ house has surveillance cameras facing his driveway. I wonder will the tape mysteriously disappear, or was it somehow “erased”. Since the Woods are not cooperating, FHP made a trip to the hospital to ask questions about the wounds Woods suffered the night of the accident.

UPDATE: Tiger Woods finally released a statement, and in which he took full blame for the accident, saying his wife was nothing less than honorable and a hero, who arrived on the scene to hep him. He also claims that it’s a “private” matter, yet embarrassing, and that the rumors surrounding the “accident” are purely false. However, before he released that statement, he canceled three appointments with police and the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP). He and his wife are refusing to speak with authorities at this time.

(I wish the police could come to my house for an investigation and I could tell them, I’m too tired to talk. I would love to see how that would work out.)I respect Tiger Woods wanting privacy, but if a crime was committed, I sure hope he wouldn’t use his celebrity status to cover up.

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