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Beyonce Performs In Dublin Ireland At The o2 Arena

Beyonce was unable to accept an award last night because she was in Dublin, Ireland, giving the Irish that Houston charm. I will say this, even if you don’t like Beyonce’s music, you can’t deny that she gives her all into her concerts and she was  missed last night at the American Music Awards (yawns). Chris Brown was also missed, he’s like the male version of Beyonce. Beyonce and Chris Brown bring the energy, and it was missing last night.

Also, there is a rumor circulating that Chris Brown called Jay-Z a “cornball” via his twitter page. I will defend Chris Brown and say that bloggers can go too far in trying to instigate drama. I mean really, how do you know it was directed at Jay-Z, and if it was, what harm was caused by Chris Brown calling Jay-Z a “cornball”, wasn’t Jay-Z being cheezy (cute as a button) last night when he dissed 50 Cent.  Is that suppose to start some Chris Brown beef?

Jay-Z needs to be more concern with why Beanie Sigel is making songs about killing him.







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