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Are We Sure Ray J Is “Not” The Father Of Danger’s Baby

Monica Leon, best known by the code name “Danger” on the VH1 reality series, For the Love of Ray J, just had a baby shower. Let’s see, about nine months ago she claimed Ray-J was the father of her un-born child, and of course Ray J denied denied denied. But isn’t it strange for a guy to be at a baby shower when he’s not the father of the baby? Isn’t it even more strange when he’s the only guy in the picture? Move over Papa Knowles, I think another paternity suit is coming.

I received a tweet yesterday that made me laugh, and then it made me think. Is Ray-J a supportive friend, or is there more to this story:

walkerk23 @MrsGrapevine Ok, is danger carrying Ray Js kid or what…I saw the pics from her baby shower and it looked like he was the only guy there…


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