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Check out this video of Whitney’s comeback performance in Central Park today for Good Morning America. Whitney sounds pretty good, except for a few high notes missed, but don’t worry she has a great excuse:

Whitney Houston missed the high notes in her first public performance in years today in Central Park.

The singer blamed her cracked voice on a taping she did Monday for ‘Oprah.’ “When I’m talking, I should be singing,” she told the audience. Her four-song set will air Wednesday in the 8 a.m. hour on ‘Good Morning America.’ [Source]

Whitney Houston graces the cover of the new issue of Ebony magazine just in time for the release of her album out in stores today, Sept. 1st!


It’s great to see Whitney back in the limeligth now if only she can go on a promotional tour so we can see some performances of her current records and even her old ones.

Very unlikely for an album to come out with out much promotional tours, performances etc. I guess if you’re Whitney Houston you can do that and still sell a lot of records.

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