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Destiny Child Rumors has an exclusive interview with Lyndell Locke, Beyonce’s ex-boyfriend. You know, the guy she dated before Jay-Z. There have been several pregnant rumors about Beyonce and none of them have been proven. It’s not like she will ever come out and tell us if they’re true or not, unless she writes a tell-all-memoir when she’s gray. Anyway, rumors have suggested that Beyonce was pregnant by Lyndell Locke, and that she had an “abortion” when she was a teen. I do think that is a question that’s off limits. Honestly, it’s just a bit too personal for my taste, but Mr. Locke addresses the issue:

SG: Glad to hear that. How did you meet Beyonce?
LL: We were very young in our teens. From the same area in Houston. We knew eachother a long time. We were very close and very good friends. (silence)

SG: Ok, Define friends.

LL: (laughs) We would go out together, I would take her to the movies or we would eat out. Normal things teenage kids do. It was “puppy” love.

SG: Are the rumors true that you got Beyonce pregnant and she had to have an abortion?

LL: You know, when I heard this rumor I was really upset by it. Unfortunately, at the time I was not able to speak on it and people were allowing the speculation to go around. Beyonce as far as I know did not have an abortion.

SG: So you and Beyonce did have a sexual relationship?

LL: No comment

SG: Who were some people?

LL: I’m still not allowed to say. But trust me there was and still is.

SG: You sound slightly bitter about the situation.

LL: I am slightly. I am sure if other people do not get involved Beyonce and I would still probably be together. At least be in contact.

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