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Usher With Mystery Woman (Grace Miguel) Again & Again & Again

OK, I think it’s time to stop calling her the mystery woman because we know who she is. Usher and Grace Miguel, both married, were caught together again, but this time in the Dominican Republic in a more romantic setting. Usher has a thing for M.I.L.F.s, or older women, not sure why but maybe he’s mature for his age. I guess when he’s older like Diddy and Jay-Z  he will start dating  younger. Anyway, Grace Miguel is 42 years old, and Usher is 30.


Tameka claimed Grace Miguel was just helping Usher with his career, when everyone knew divorce papers work in the works. I’m disappointed in Usher, and I’m disappointed in Tameka Foster, as it now seems everything was an illusion and nothing was real. It’s hard to tell what’s publicity and what’s actually the truth or the facts. We do know Grace has been around for some time now, and she is definitely not a mystery woman as seen in the pictures below.




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